1) Air pollution is caused by all of the following contaminants EXCEPT a) smoke b) grit c) dust d) pollen e) gases f) solid wastes 2) Ozone is a layer of gases found in the atmosphere that can be good and bad for the environment based in its location. True or False. a) True b) False 3) Air pollution here is caused by all of the following practises EXCEPT a) bad ozone. b) burning fossil fuel. c) combustion in factories. d) None of the above 4) Which is NOT a practise to reduce air pollution? a) combustion of fossil fuels. b) walking rather than driving or taking public transportation. c) planting trees. d) having proper ventilation. 5) Which below is a secondary pollutant? a) sulphur dioxide and oxides b) Nitrogen dioxide and oxides c) carbon dioxide and monoxide d) smog e) fog f) smoke




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