1) Components of a miscible mixture have..........................solubility. a) mutual b) homogeneous c) heterogeneous d) no 2) When water and alcohol are added together, they form a....... a) immiscible mixture b) heterogeneous mixture c) miscible mixture d) compound mixture 3) The mass of liquids x and y are 2g and 3g respectively. Find the density of the mixture of liquids x and y if each liquid has a volume of 4cm3. a) 0.346g/cm3 b) 0.625g/cm3 c) 0.748g/cm3 d) 0.903g/cm3 4) Liquids x and y have equal volumes of 8cm3 each. If their densities are 1.00g/cm3 and 1.50g/cm3 respectively, find the density of their mixture. a) 1.25g/cm3 b) 1.90g/cm3 c) 2.1g/cm3 d) 3.0g/cm3 5) What is the correct formula for density of a miscible mixture of two liquids having the same volume but different densities? a) D = (V1 + V2)/ (D1 + D2) b) D = 1/2(D1 + D2) c) D = M/V d) D = M - V 6) The density of linseed oil is 929Kg/ m3 and that of turpentine is 868Kg/ m3. Find the density in Kg/ m3 of the mixture if 1L of linseed oil is mixed with 0.2L of turpentine. a) 475Kg/m3 b) 678Kg/m3 c) 807Kg/m3 d) 918.8Kg/m3 7) Two liquids P and Q of density 1.10g/ cm3 and 0.96g/ cm3 respectively are mixed together to make liquid R. Find the density of liquid R if the mass of liquid P is 330g and volume of liquid Q is 100cm3. a) 0.762g/cm3 b) 0.998g/cm3 c) 1.065g/cm3 d) 1.200g/cm3 8) Two liquids of densities 2.5 g/cm3 and 0.8 g/cm3 are taken in the ratio of their masses as 2:3 respectively. Find the average density of the liquid combination. a) 0.86g/cm3 b) 1.09g/cm3 c) 1.56g/cm3 d) 1.88g/cm3 9) Two miscible liquids of densities 1.2 g/cm3 and 1.4 g/cm3 are mixed with a proportion ratio of their volumes equal to 3:5. What is the density of resulting liquid? a) 0.56g/cm3 b) 0.98g/cm3 c) 1.32g/cm3 d) 2.34g/cm3

2.Density - Determine the density of the mixture of liquids




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