1) During the determination of relative density for a particular gas...............is used as a standard substance. a) oxygen b) nitrogen c) air d) paraffin 2) The correctly stated density of air at room temperature and pressure is......... a) 0.765Kg/m3 b) 1.204Kg/m3 c) 2.225Kg/m3 d) 3.105Kg/m3 3) When determining relative density of a gas which quantity substances used must be kept constant? a) Density b) Concentration c) Mass d) Volume 4) The conditions necessary for determination of relative density of a gas are...... a) temperature of 20Degree Celsius and pressure of 1 atmosphere b) temperature of 0Kelvin and pressure of 200 atmosphere c) temperature of 12 fahrenheit and pressure of 1pascal d) temperature of 2 Rankine and a pressure of 30 atmospheres 5) Why does relative density lack a unit? a) Because it is dimensionless b) Because it is a comparison and so units of densities for the substances involved cancel out. c) Because it is obtained from dimensionless quantities d) Because it is a derived quantity. 6) The other name for density bottle is..... a) Beaker b) Test tube c) Conical flask d) Pycnometer 7) Why is the relative density of a gas important? a) It helps determine the unknown density of a gas from the known density of another gas. b) It helps to ascertain the height to which a aeroplane can fly. c) It helps determine the layers of gases in the atmosphere. d) It helps to ascertain the flammability of a gas. 8) Other than the density bottle, which apparatus can be used to determine the relative density of a liquid? a) Hydrometer b) PH meter c) Erlenmeyer  d) Burette 9) The relative density of air having a mass of 1.01g at r.t.p. is 0.00103. Fine the density of substance x given the mass of substance x as 10g and the density of water as 1g/cm3. a) 0.0070g/cm3 b) 0.0090g/cm3 c) 0.0102g/cm3 d) 0.0310g/cm3 10) The density of water at r.t.p. is 997.77Kg/m3. Calculate the relative density of a volume of air if it's density 1.204Kg/m3 at r.t.p. a) 0.001207 b) 0.001500 c) 0.001709 d) 0.056786

4.Density - Calculate relative density of air




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