1) Where children learn? a) in the classroom b) in the canteen c) in the library d) in the computer room 2) Where children eat lunch? a) in the library b) in the canteen c) in the cloakroom d) in the art room 3) What CAN'T you find in the art room? a) paintbrush b) canvas c) map d) paints 4) In the library you can find... a) shoes b) balls c) lockers d) books/magazines 5) What children can't do in the music room? a) draw b) sing c) dance d) club 6) What children do in the canteen? a) run b) eat c) jump d) shout 7) Who works in the classroom? a) principal b) cook c) teacher d) gardener 8) What do children do in the gym? a) swim b) write on the board c) eat d) exercise




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