1) If the condition of a home is damp, small, cluttered and dirty, occupants are more likely to: a) Be less likely to have accidents at home b) More likely to be quiet and peaceful c) More likely to be happy d) Be more prone to illnesses 2) Urban environments (town) are more likely to have: a) Quite and peaceful environments b) Noise and light pollution c) A better night sleep 3) Sharing a room means: a) Less privacy and less space for belongings b) Less likely to be crowded c) Less likely to argue with your sibling 4) The influence of your partner or family can affect how:  a) Tall we grow b) Ability to be on time c) We eat, dress, religion, moods and behavior 5) Living in poor housing conditions can cause conflict for many reasons, such as resentment, embarrassment, stress or living in close proximity to too many people. a) True b) False 6) A good work/life balance means: a) We spend all of our time in work b) We spend all of our time at home c) We spend enough quality time at both work and home to live a healthy lifestyle


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