1) If people __________ (water) the plants, they __________ (die). a) don't water,will die b) doesn't water, die c) don't water, die d) doesn't water, will die 2) If the weather __________ (be) nice tomorrow, we __________ (go) on a biking trip.  a) is, will go b) will be, go c) is, goes d) will be, will go 3) I _________ (not/help) you if you __________ (ask) me. a) don't help, won't ask b) won't help, won't ask c) don't help, ask d) won't help, don't ask 4) He usually__________ (take) a painkiller if he __________ (have) a headache. a) will take, have b) takes, has c) will takes, has d) take, have 5) If Jane __________ (finish) High School, she __________ (go) to university next year. a) finishes, will go b) will finish, goes c) finish, goes d) finish, go 6) If you __________ (be) thirsty , you __________ (drink). a) are, drinks b) will be, drinks c) are, drink d) will be, will drink 7) If we __________ (arrive) home on time, we __________(call) you. a) will arrive, call b) arrives, will call c) will arrives, calls d) arrive, will call 8) When my parents _________ (work) hard, they _________ (feel) tired. a) work, will feels b) work, feel c) will work, felt d) works, feel 9) Andrew __________ (not/go) to the cinema if he __________ (buy) the tickets. a) won't go, doesn't buy b) doesn't go, won't buy c) won't go, don't buy d) doesn't go, won't buys 10) If Jim ____________ (not/study), he ____________ (not/pass) the exam. a) don't studies, won't pass b) doesn't studies, doesn't passes c) doesn't study, doesn't pass d) don't study, don't pass 11) If it ______________________, we____________________ at home. a) rains, stays b) rain, will stay c) rains, will stay d) will rain, will stay

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