I take the bus to work because it's more quickly than going buy car. - quicker, Olga drives more carefully than Bill. - Right!, I prefer visiting Paris in winter. It’s less crowded than in summer. - Right!, Now I’ve tried them on, these shoes are more comfortable that I thought they were going to be. - more comfortable than, In this photo, you look more young than your sister. - younger, Black cabs in London are more expensive than other taxis. - Right!, Anne’s not as tall as Susie, but she’s thinner. - Right!, German trains are moderner than British ones. - more modern, I love riding my scooter, it’s more better than driving a car. - it's better than, Can you say that again more slowly, please? I didn’t understand a word! - Right!, It’s the most beautiful beach I’ve never been to. The sea looks amazing. - the most beautiful beach I've ever been to, Sean’s the worse actor in the group, but he’s the best singer. - the worst, What’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to you? - Right!, Personally, I think that Barcelona is the best city of the world. - the best city in the world, Which sofa is more cheaper? The blue one or the red one? - cheaper, I think we should take this case. It’s the biggest one that we have. - Right!, It’s usually hoter here in June than it is in May. - hotter, Did you go to the same school than your brother? - the same school as, That restaurant over there is fantastic. It’s cheap and you can eat as much food as you like. - Right!, It took me ages to walk there. It was further than I thought. - Right!,

Comparatives and superlatives. EF Intermediate


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