1) fin a) hair on the back of a dog b) triangle shape of dolphin or shark back c) music band d) rack of ribs 2) pup a) small tent b) young dog c) song d) ear of corn 3) rack a) stacked storage b) pipe c) type of car d) light hit 4) bib a) snow pants b) bottom lip c) extra cover to protect from spills d) small snack 5) whack a) to hit something b) smack c) task d) to eat something 6) chick a) a girl b) young chicken c) old duck d) ugly horse 7) rash a) scrape b) skin coloring c) itchy d) sore 8) zip a) move quickly b) roll around c) attach or close two pieces d) run 9) whiz a) move quickly b) someone who is very smart c) hum through the air d) bounce on the ground 10) peck a) small kiss b) bunch of grapes c) bite with beak d) type of car

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