Do you drink coffee ______ the morning?, What tome do you normally get up ____ Monday?, Where do you go on holiday ____ the summer?, Do you normally watch TV ___ the evening?, What time do you usually go to bed ___ night?, What is the weather like ______ winter?, How do you relax ____ the weekend?, What do you usually do _____ Ner Year's Eve?, What do you do ____ Saturday morning?, How old were you ______ 2015?, Do you get up late ______ Sunday morning?, What's your favourite activity to do _____ summer?, What do you think life will be like _____ 2050?, Whan do you finish class _____ Friday?, Where do you usually go _____ lunch time during the week?, Do you prefer to do exercise _____ the morning or ____ the evening?, What do you do _____eight o'clock ____ the morning _____ schooldays?, What do you do _____ the first day of the summer holidays?, What do you do ____ the sfternoon before you start doing your homework?.

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