Complete the text with also or too. My favourite technology item. My name is Lily. I love technology. I've got a laptop. I've ____ got a mobile phone. I chat online to my friends on my phone. I surf the Internet on my phone ____. I play games on my laptop and I do my homework on my laptop ____. My friend Harry, ____ likes technology. He's got a TV and a tablet ____. He ____ downloads videos to his tablet. Circle the correct answer. 1. Is there any paper in the ____? 2. Turn on the ____ so I can see you. 3. Let's watch a film on ____. 4. I am ____ Computer Studies. I always get 20/20 in the test. 5. Are you ____ this film? Don't watch it then! 6. I like your ____. The ____ is very clear. Complete the sentences with the verb in the Present Continuous. 1. I ____ to my favourite song. 2. He ____ an email. 3. She is ____ her homework. 4. We are ____ black tracksuits. 5. They ____ lunch. 6. I am ____ fast! Complete the questions and short answers. 1. A: ____ on the phone? B: No, ____ 2. A: ____ making a cake? B: Yes, ____ 3. A: ____ sending an email? B: Yes, ____ 4. A: ____ the café? B: Yes, ____ 5. A: Are you and your sister ____ ice cream? B: No, ____ 6. A: Are your parents ____ the news? B: Yes, ____ Complete the dialogue with one word in each gap. Tina: Hello, Mrs Brown. It's Tina 1____ Can I 2 ____ Matt, please? Mrs Brown: I'm 3 ____ he isn't in. No, 4 ____, there he is. He's coming home now. I can see him in the garden. 5 ____ a moment, Tina. Tina: Thank you. Bye, Mrs Brown. Mrs Brown: 6 ____ you soon, dear. Matt, it's Tina.


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