1) What is heat and what unit do we measure it in? a) energy and degree celsius b) scale and joules c) scale and degree celsius d) energy and joules 2) Why does a lollipop melt when we are in the sunshine - (two are right)? a) the cold leaves the lollipop so it gets warmer b) heat energy moves into the lollipop from the air c) the heat energy going into the lollipop chnages the state d) the ice evaporates 3) Which of these statements are true about the different states? a) solid particles are not moving at all b) solid particles are apart from each other and vibrating c) solid particles are very close and vibrating 4) What form of heat transfer happens in solids only? a) Conduction b) Convection c) Radiation 5) What uses convection currents to transfer heat? a) solids b) liquids c) gases d) space 6) Why are solids good conductors of heat? a) the particles are far apart b) Solids make a convection current c) heat energy moves from particle to particle 7) Liquids and gases conduct heat because ........... a) the particles that get hotter move apart and become less dense b) the particles move apart and become more dense c) the less dense particles rise d) the more dense particles rise 8) Which of these statements are true? a) conduction happens in space b) convection and conduction happens in space c) only convection happens in space d) radiation happens in space 9) The opposite of conduction is ....... a) convection b) radiation c) insulation 10) The form of heat transfer that does not require particles is... a) Conduction b) Convection c) Radiation 11) What happens to hot air when it is heated? a) It becomes more dense and falls b) It becomes more dense and rises c) It becomes less dense and falls d) It becomes less dense and rises




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