Nick will sketch his truck., inch by inch, The patch of grass was an inch thick., , The French lad's leg had a twitch. , Chad did flinch when he got a scratch. , bunch of mulch, Fred did munch on a batch of crisp crust. , , His step did squelch on the wet ranch. , crunch the lunch, When I felt sad, Mom said to keep my chin up., Don't snitch on me., A rich grinch can tuck jump as a trick., stingy grinch, , Chuck had a brunch at the ranch then did belch. , Your dog will snatch the snack up on the desk., fetch the stick, , twitch and flick, A Scotch lad will pitch his hat into the ditch. , brunch at two, The French kid did pinch Mitch., .

BOOM /ch/ with Tch sentences


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