Ed went on a trip with his tent., His left hand had a welt., , Put it on the last shelf on the end of the stack., Grif has a task he can not do., He can thump his chest with his fist., They left it on his desk., , The best elf gives the best gifts., The gust of wind felt brisk on his skin., I want to do a chant., There is a quilt next to the step., They felt the pretty silk., The elf ran to the lost sled., The last champ did rant., Stef wept with him., , The fish kept the kelp., Gus and Fran had a spat and did not go swim., Brad felt glum when his pal did not come., The band did not have a drum., Snap the band and get a slap. , Fran sat next to Brad and got the pox., I did not swim in his fish pond., , Brad is such a slob., "Drop the frog back in the pond," said Stan., The black crab had his snack back at his shack., Did Fred snap at Fran?, I hit Glen's hand with a twig., Bob Smith will drag the sled back up to the top of the hill., Glen can slap the drum in the band., The slick squid swam at me fast!, , Smug Stan said he had a plan to get back at them., The sled went too fast for me., Fred left in a flash!, "Do not crash into the trash truck," said the trashman, Glen. , , There was a crack in the slab., I had two plums as a snack., When he got back, his stash was not there!, , I have a scab on my leg from when I fell., Will you come and help him drag the sled?, Can I have a swig of that pop?, The spot to sit was too slim for him to fit..

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