I ____ a lot of tennis this year already. I ____ a lot of tennis in 2020 due to the pandemic. She ____ six different jobs since she left school. He ____ away from school three times when he was fourteen. How many cups of coffee ____ today? In those days, Andrew ____ to stay with us most weekends. Shakespeare ____ poems as well as plays. Since my brother lost his job, he ____ two books. I'm not cooking today - I ____ all the meals yesterday. I____ your favourite meal for you. Happy birthday! Would you believe I ____ twenty-three phone calls today? When I worked at British Telecom, I ____ 150 calls every hour. Our team are rubbish. They ____ eight games one after the other. I can't believe you ____ your keys again! He ____ his own business for many years and is very successful.

ESOL E3 present perfect or past simple


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