1) What is an adjective? a) A word that describes a noun b) A word that describes a verb c) A doing word 2) Which of these words is an adjective? a) Happily  b) Run c) Large 3) Which sentence uses an adjective incorrectly? a) She plays at a playground small. b) I live in a quiet city c) They work in a busy office. 4) Which word is a comparative adjective? a) Bigger b) Small c) Fun 5) Which word is spelt correctly? a) Funnyer b) Happyer c) Prettier 6) Which place is in Leicester? a) The Curve Theatre b) The Round Theatre c) The Globe Theatre 7) What does the word demolished mean? a) Ruined b) Destroyed c) Finished 8) Which adjective means 'very good'? a) Excellent b) Notorious c) Seasonal 9) Which sentence is correct? a) Leicester is small than London. b) The train station is bigger than the bus station. c) Abbey Park is beautiful than Victoria Park. 10) Which word is an adjective? a) beatiful b) amazingly  c) great

Adjectives lesson plenary


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