Who brings toys for kids on Christmas?, Who are Santa's helpers?, Who can you buy presents for?, Who sings carols?, Who pulls Santa' sleigh?, What do we decorate on Christmas?, What do we drink in the winter?, What can we build in the snow?, What can we ride on in the snow?, What can we decorate and eat during the holidays?, Where do we get Christmas Trees?, Where does Santa live?, Where do presents go?, Where can we go to ice skate?, Where do we go to go skiing?, When do we drink hot cocoa?, When can we open presents?, When do we give people gifts?, When do we light candles?, When do we hang up stockings?, (H) What do you do with a menorah?, (H) What do you eat for Hannukah?, (H) What games do we play on Hannukah?, (H) When do we celebrate Hannukah?, (H) What do children get on Hannukah?.

WH Winter questions


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