Terraced Dynamics - Dynamics that make sudden changes from loud to quiet., Harpsichord, Strings - Main group of instruments used in Baroque music, Bach - A Baroque Composer, Ground Bass - A short repeated melody played in on a bass instrument, Homophonic - Melody and chords/accompaniment, Monophonic - Solo melody, Polyphonic - Multiple melodies, Andante - Walking Pace, Ornaments - Decoration added to a melody, Largo - Slow, Allegro - Fast, Forte - Loud, Fortissimo - Very Loud, Piano - Quiet, Pianissimo - Very Quiet, Binary Form - A piece with two sections, Ternary Form - ABA - A piece with 3 sections 2 are the same., 1600-1750 - Dates of the Baroque Period, Pachelbel Canon - A Baroque piece with a ground bass, Violin, Cello, Lute, Flute, Trill - An Ornament, Turn - Ornament, Handel - Baroque Composer, Major and Minor Keys - Baroque composers started to use this in the Baroque period., Major Key - Sounds happy, Minor Key - Sounds sad,




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