I ran to catch the bus. 1, Cactus grow in funny shapes. 2, He took a night class. 3, The pug likes his doghouse. 4, She is wearing her yellow dress. 5, If you make a mistake, erase it. 6, She has a beautiful face. 7, The fence went around the land. 8, Pour me a glass of water, please. 9, I need to cut the grass. 10, The horse is running fast. 11, They moved into their new house. 12, The ice is melting quickly. 13, I want juice for breakfast. 14, The farmer grows lettuce. 15, She has pink lips. 16, The mouse wanted some cheese. 17, She is holding her necklace. 18, The office workers were all gone. 19, The police showed up at the crime scene. 20, She takes her purse everywhere. 21, They all wanted to race together. 22, Tie your shoelace before jogging. 23, Tennis is her favorite sport. 24, The walrus has huge tusks. 25, He said "Yes!" after being chosen for the job. 26.

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