1) I'm all wet and my clothes are, too. 2) My hands are covered in dirt and so are the knees of my jeans. 3) She is in a great mood and she has trouble hearing.  4) I am wearing workout clothes and I'm sweating. 5) He keeps humming classical music.  6) They dance around the house.  7) I often feel sick and I have gained weight. 8) He has grease under his fingernails.  9) You are really good at the guitar and everyone is impressed. 10) She's a very talented soccer player and plays for the national team.  11) My English is really good and I feel confident. 12) They have enough money now to buy a new house.  13) We have a terrible sunburn!  14) I have cold skin and a cold, runny nose.  15) They have paint on their hands and all over their clothes. 16) My apron is covered in flour.

Present perfect continuous Guessing cards


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