1) I have got a cat. This is ... cat. a) he b) our c) my d) little 2) Norma has got a book. This is ... book. a) Norma's b) his c) Normas d) Norma 3) He has got a computer. This is ... computer. a) our b) her c) their d) his 4) They have got a pirate ship. This is ... ship. a) her b) their c) our d) your 5) I have got a doll. This is ... doll. a) my b) your c) her d) his 6) She has got a new car. This is ... car a) her b) Jessica's c) his d) our 7) Stella has got a sister. This is ... sister. a) my b) his c) Stella's d) our 8) Jake and Jane have got a toy shop. This is ... toyshop. a) your b) their c) Jane and Jack d) my 9) He has got a parrot. ... parrot is noisy. a) Her b) Fiona's c) Your d) His 10) They have got a house. ... house is very big. a) Our b) Her c) Their d) They 11) Steven has got a Teddy-bear. This is ... Teddy-bear. a) his b) Tom's c) her d) Stevens



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