Toast - Crispy bread you eat for breakfast, Orange - It's round and orange., Salad - It's green and it has leaves in it., Fruit - It can be of different colours. It's sweet., Cake - You can eat it on your birthday., Fish - It lives in the water., Chicken - It's a bird., Ice cream - It's sweet and cold. You eat it in summer., Pizza - It's round. It has cheese. You cook it in the oven., Eggs - They are round. Hens lay them., Meat - It is what carnivore animals eat., Chips - Fried potatoes., Sweetcorn - It's a vegetable that has teeth and a ponytail. It's sweet and yellow., Pancake - It's flat and round. You eat it for breakfast., Rice - It's white. Sushi has it., Burger - A "sandwich" with meat, lettuce, tomato and cheese.,

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