I like sport. ⛷, I play tennis with my friends, and I watch tennis on TV. 🎾, I like music too. 🎼, I play the piano, and I also go to dance school. 🎹, We’ve got classes on Wednesdays and Saturdays.💃, I don’t play computer games.🎮, My brother Kirk likes sport.⛷, He plays football. ⚽️, He has training after school on Thursdays.⚽️, He goes swimming with his friends at the sports centre too. 🏊‍♀️, He doesn’t play a musical instrument but he collects football cards. ♠️, He’s got 200.⚙️, Our neighbour Eddie doesn’t like sport. 👣, He doesn’t play tennis or football.🎾, He doesn’t go swimming.🏊‍♀️, He doesn’t play a musical instrument and he doesn’t collect football cards.🎹, In his free time Eddie watches DVDs.🎬, He reads comics and plays computer games.📕.

Free Time Activities - sentences


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