How many brothers has Tob got? - He has got 3 little brothers. , Where is Lady Gaga from? - She's from the USA., Whose is the coffee? - It's my grandma's!, What colour is your bedroom? - It's blue, yellow and white., Who is your favourite singer? - My favourite singer is Pokáč., Where do you live? - I live in the Czech Republic., How many apples do you eat every day? - I eat 1 apple a day., How old is your grandad? - He's eighty., What languages do you speak? - I speak Czech, English and German., Where is your brother? - He's in the garden., When is your birthday? - It's in April., How do you go to school? - I walk to school., Why do you like George? - Because I have fun with him., When does your school start? - It starts at eight o'clock.,



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