1) What is my name in Minecraft? a) KarelGamer b) KadelGamer c) MaxFor_9 d) KadelGamerYT e) HANJOLO-o f) SHIMNBAY_YR 2) What is the most dangerous mob for me? a) zombie b) creeper c) skeleton d) herobrine e) iron golem f) squid 3) What type of tools i liike most? a) All iron b) All gold c) All diamond d) All wooden e) All stone f) Every of these 4) How many wood you get when you cut four-sapling planted tree? a) Stack b) 2 Stacks c) 3 Stacks d) 4 Stacks e) 5 Stacks f) 6 Stacks 5) What type of food gaves the most hunger? a) Bread b) Mushroo stew c) Cooked chicken d) Cooked beef e) Raw mutton f) Diamond

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