1) What do people traditionally do under the mistletoe? a) kiss b) hug c) shake hands d) sing a carol 2) Where do children hang their stockings on Christmas Eve? a) In their bedrooms b) Next to the fireplace c) On the Christmas tree d) Next to a window 3) Which country does the tradition of Christmas trees come from? a) Turkey b) Greece c) England d) Germany 4) What do people in England do at 3pm on Christmas Day? a) They listen to the Queen's speech. b) They sing a Christmas carol. c) They give presents to their neighbours. d) They watch a traditional film 5) What date is Christmas Day? a) 24th December b) 25th December c) 26th December 6) Which is the first song which was played in space? a) We Wish You A Merry Christmas b) Jingle Bells c) So This Is Christmas d) Deck The Halls 7) What do children leave next to the chimney for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve? a) tea and cookies b) milk and chocolate c) milk and cookies d) tea and chocolate 8) What date is Christmas Eve? a) 24th December b) 25th December c) 26th December 9) What was the first company that used Santa Claus in advertising? a) Coca-Cola b) KFC c) Pepsi-Cola d) McDonald's 10) How many turkeys were bought at Christmas 2013 in the UK? a) 1 million b) 5 million c) 10 million d) 20 million 11) What is it? a) a wreath b) a tinsel c) a sleigh d) mistletoe 12) What is it? a) a snowman b) a snowguy c) a frostman d) a frostguy 13) When did Coca-Cola start featuring Santa in their ads? a) 1929 b) 1931 c) 1937 d) 1947 14) Who brings presents in the UK? a) Santa Claus b) Father Frost c) St. Nicholas d) Father Christmas

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