Santa Claus - Many small children believe that ______ delivers gifts to them every Christmas., Merry Christmas - When it’s my friend’s birthday, I wish him a “Happy Birthday!” At Christmas I say, “______!”, shopping season - The Christmas ______ begins in November when many people start to buy gifts., church - Many people like to celebrate Christmas by going to ______., decorate - We always ______ our home with beautiful Christmas decorations., Christmas lights - My family bought some ______ to put on our Christmas tree, and then turned them on., Christmas tree - Santa puts gifts under the ______., Christmas Eve - ______ means “Christmas evening”, or the night before Christmas. It's the 24th December., carols - I like listening to Christmas songs, or Christmas ______., winter - Christmas is a ______ holiday., turkey - In many countries, people eat ______ as part of a traditional Christmas meal., tradition - The ______ of putting up a Christmas tree is originally from Germany., mistletoe - People kiss under the ______., Christmas card - My friend gave me a ______ with the words, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”,

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