1) How many Aquila eagles did Donald recorded in 5 minutes?  a) 35 b) 40 c) 37 d) 42 e) Who is Donald?  f) 1 2) How many species did Koning sight between 1970 and 1974? a) Who is Koning? b) 53 c) 43 d) 23 e) 33 f) 13 3) Which one is a Steppe Eagle?  a) b) c) d) e) 4) Who conducted the first systematic counts of visible raptor migrants in the Himalayas near Annapurna? a) Gurung b) Zalles & Bildstein c) De Roder d) DeCandio e) Phineas f) Scully 5) Den Besten sighted 16 species which steppe eagles were the... a) 2% b) 72% c) 50% d) 0% e) 83% f) 97% 6) Where did DeCandio counted autumn migrants for 8 hours a) China b) Madrid c) Annapurna d) Nepal e) Himalaya

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