When I go on holiday, I always ____ my neighbour to water my plants. If I ____ the problem to my sister, she'll be happy to help me. We'll be late for the film if we ____. If I didn't need the money, ____ less. If you ____ a red card, you can't play in the rest of the game. What would you say if he ____ you on a date? I'll have a shower as soon as ____ home. I ____ English every day if I had time. If you had trained more, you ____ so easily. We wouldn't have spent all the money if you ____on going to that boutique. What would you do differently if you ____ to do this again? If I ____ the more expensive bike, I won't have enough money to pay my rent. The project ____ delayed if I don't finish this report on time. If you had told me that you were having problems, I ____ you. If I ____ that she was in town, I would have called her. If she had offered a better price for the car, I ____ it. If I ____ you, I'd go to the doctor's. When I look at a computer screen for too long, I ____ a headache. You don't need to print your ticket as long as ____ the email. If I cared what people think, I ____ a very boring life! I'll go and visit her as soon as I ____ time.

Zero, First, Second and Third Conditionals

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