take care of - I need to look after some paperwork before I can go out. , take to - My six-year-old has started to really like swimming. He’s like a fish! , take them on board - Thank you for your recommendations. We’ll accept them. , take on - I think Yves is wishing he hadn’t agreed to do the project. , take it from me - You think your fluency isn’t good but believe me, it is. , take your time - We’ve got several hours yet. Don’t rush. , take note - You should pay attention to what Steven says. He knows what he’s talking about. , take things personally - Be careful how you word Elinor’s feedback. She can be easily offended by criticism. , take your mind off - Why don’t we stop you thinking about your toothache by playing cards or something. , take pride in - She is very proud of her children's achievements., take the initiative - If you have a good idea, be the first person to do something and speak to your boss about it. , take credit for - Politicians usually acclaim recognition for things they haven't done themselves., takes the easy way out - Edith does everything she can to avoid hard work. She always does the thing that requires the least work. , take effect - It’s going to take quite a long time before the changes have an impact. , take a risk - If you do something that could have an unpleasant result, it can sometimes pay off., take sides - My mother always supported my sister when we had an argument., take sth or sb for granted  - Young people don't always acknowledge the efforts that their parents have made for them. , take shape - Yesterday it was only a half-baked idea but now is all falling into place, take turns - Remember to alternate in the speaking task. , take a chance - I know it's very difficult to win the lotto but I'm going to buy a ticket and see what happens. , take the opportunity - You should make use of a situation when you see it. , take notice - Voters are beginning to see him as a serious candidate., take time out - She's taken a break from her business career.,

Expressions & phrasal verbs with "take"- C1

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