1) _____ you enjoy the movie yesterday? a) Have b) Did c) Are 2) We ______________ (walk) to school at 8am. a) was walking b) were walking c) were walk 3) I ___________ (not visit) Paris last year a) wasn't visiting b) was visiting c) didn't visit 4) It __________ (not rain) while I was eating paella a) wasn't raining b) didn't raining c) wasn't rain 5) _____ you _____ to the concert last night? a) Were you going b) Did you go c) Weren't you going 6) _____ you _______ (learn) English? a) Do you learn English? b) Did you learn English? c) Were you learning English? 7) He ______________ (not fish) with his father a) He wasn't fishing with his father b) He didn't fishing with his father c) He weren't fishing with his father 8) What _________ he ___________ (do) last night? a) What were he do last night? b) What was he do last night? c) What was he doing last night? 9) I ____________ (not study) a lot for the exam a) I didn't study a lot b) I weren't studying a lot c) I wasn't studying a lot 10) I __________ (not sleeping) when you called a) I was sleeping b) I wasn't sleeping c) I didn't sleep

Past simple and past continuous- questions and negatives

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