he / see a shark / swim in the sea - He saw a shark while he was swimming in the sea., I / watch tv /  my mum come - I was watching tv when my mum came., they / break the window / play in the park - They broke the window while they were playing in the park., she / fall / ride a bike - When she fell, she was riding a bike., my dad / cut his finger / cook - My dad cut his finger while he was cooking., I / do homework / my friend / come - I was doing my homework when my friend came., we / hear a strange noise / listen to the radio - We heard a strange noise while we were listening to the radio., my sister/ go to school / meet / a friend - My sister was going to school when she met a friend., Tom / fall down / have a shower - Tom fell down while he was having a shower., he / lose his mobile / run in the classroom - He lost his mobile while he was running in the classroom., Mr Brown / wear wear a blue shirt / we see him - Mr Brown was wearing a blue shirt when we saw him., they / drive fast / the accident happen - They were driving fast when the accident happened., you / play the piano / the telephone / ring - You were playing the piano when the telephone rang., it / start to rain / we sit in the garden - It started to rain while we were sitting in the garden., we / see John / we / wait for the bus - We saw John while we were waiting for the bus., they / talk about her / Jane come - They were talking about her when Jane came., someone / steal money / I buy a new T-shirt. - Someone stole my money while I was buying a new T-shirt.,

Past simple and continuous

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