APOLOGISE - Sorry I’m late., DENY - I didn’t break your mobile!, PROMISE - I’ll never leave you, my love!, WARN - Don’t walk alone in this neighbourhood at night, INVITE - Would you like to have dinner with me tonight, REGRET - This bag is bad quality, I wish I hadn't bought it., ACCUSE - You ate the last piece of pie!, THREATEN - I’ll shoot you if you don’t give me the money!, REFUSE - I won’t wear this dress, it is awful!, REMIND - Remember to bring your calculators for class tomorrow, ADMIT - I destroyed your new carpet, it’s my fault., OFFER - I’ll help you with all these boxes!, RECOMMEND - You should try this new Japanese restaurant,the food there is delicious, SUGGEST - Let’s take the car instead of the bus, it’s faster, ADVISE - If I were you, I’d talk to your boss., INSIST ON - You absolutely must see this film, it’s amazing!,

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