Where are you from?, Can you tell me something about your town?, What is the most interesting part of your town?, Can you describe some of the shops in your town?, Can you tell me about your family?, What does your family do together?, Can you describe your house or flat?, Do you have a favourite relative? What’s he/ she like?, Can you tell me something about your school?, What subjects do you enjoy the most?, What subjects do you enjoy the least?, How long have you been studying English?, What do you find most difficult in studying English?, Do you have any hobbies?, How did you become interested in your hobby?, What kind of music do you enjoy most?, What kind of sports are you and your friends interested in?, What do you and your friends like to do when you go out?, How do you usually spend your holidays?, What do you hope to do in the next few years?, What kind of job do you hope to be doing in 10 year’s time?, What time do you normally get up in the morning?, What do you normally eat for breakfast?, Are you a fan of studying languages in your spare time?, How often do you meet friends and go out?, Are you fond of going to the cinema with friends?, Are you keen on doing sport to stay healthy in your free time?, Do you normally spend your free time with friends or alone?, Where do you like to relax in free time?, Do you ever listen to music while you are relaxing?, How often do you meet friends to go out at weekends?, Which job would you most like to do in the future?, Where did you go on holiday last year?, Do you enjoy sightseeing when on holiday?, Where are you planning on going on holiday next summer?, Which is your favourite city that you have visited?, Do you recycle plastic at home? Why (not)?, What could you do to make this world a better and cleaner place to live in?, How do you usually get to school?, What is your current English teacher like?, Are you good at learning languages or do you find it hard?, Are you fond of watching TV in your spare time?, Are you good at doing sport or do you only do it for fun?, What is your favourite sport and why?, When was the last time you went shopping to buy clothes?, What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought?, Have you ever wasted a lot of money on something useless?, Have you ever eaten a really disgusting food while you were on holiday?, Are you keen on eating seafood or do you prefer meat?, How often do you eat chocolate and sweets?, What is your favourite drink to order when you go to a bar?.

PET Speaking Questions Part 1 with sound

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