1) You prepare food in the... a) attic b) dining room c) kitchen 2) You sleep in the... a) bathroom b) hall c) bedroom 3) You relax and watch TV in the... a) dining room b) living room c) garage 4) You park your car in the... a) garage b) hall c) attic 5) You have lunch or dinner in the... a) dining room b) bedroom c) garage 6) A(n) ... is a room under the roof of a house.  a) bathroom b) attic c) garden 7) A ... is a space outside your house. You can plant flowers and trees there. a) garden b) kitchen c) dining room 8) You put your clean clothes in the... a) desk b) carpet c) wardrobe 9) You usually do your homework at a... a) desk b) cupboard c) sofa 10) It's in the bathroom. You wash your hands in the... a) shower b) bath c) basin 11) When it's dark, you turn on the... a) armchair b) light c) poster 12) A ... is a decoration on your wall. a) carpet b) picture c) lamp 13) You usually have a ... in the living room. More than one person can sit on it. a) sofa b) chair c) armchair 14) I'm very sleepy. I think I'm going to ... a) basin b) bed c) lamp 15) You wash your body in a ... You stand inside and the water falls on you.  a) shower b) bath c) sink

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