1) I ___up at 7 o'clock. a) wakes b) wake 2) Bob first ___ his teeth. a) brushes b) brush 3) Maggie first ___ her face. a) washes b) wash 4) Mia ___ eat breakfast. a) don't b) doesn't 5) We ___ the train to school. a) don't take b) doesn't take 6) We ___ the bus to school. a) takes b) take 7) School ___ at 9 o'clock. a) start b) starts 8) We ___ at half past three. a) finish b) finishes 9) I ___ go home straight away. a) don't b) doesn't 10) I ___ piano lessons after school. a) has b) have 11) I ___ home by half past five. a) gets b) get 12) My sister and I ___ our homework. a) does b) do 13) We ___ watch TV until late. a) doesn't b) don't 14) We ___ to bed at half past eight. a) goes b) go

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