1) Jane ___________ (tidy) her room while Peter __________ (have) a bath. a) was tidying ; had b) tidied ; was having c) was tidying ; was having 2) When __________ (he /call) ? An hour ago.  a) did he call b) was he calling c) did he called 3) She _____________ (wait) for the bus when her mobile _____________ (ring).  a) waited ; rang b) was waiting ; rang c) was waiting ; was ringing 4) We _____________(have) a piano lesson at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon.  a) had b) was having c) were having 5) They ____________ (finish) cooking and then ______________(go) out. a) finished ; were going b) finished ; went c) were finishing ; went 6) Peter __________(play) tennis when it ______________(start) raining. a) was playing ; started b) were playing ; started c) was playing ; was starting 7) The children ____________(watch) TV while Mum __________(read) a magazine.  a) was watching ; was reading b) were watching ; was reading c) watched ; read 8) Stella __________(make) dinner when the lights _________(go) out. a) made ; went b) was making ; went c) was making ; were going 9) They ______________(drive) to Madrid when their car ____________(break down).  a) was driving ; break down b) were driving ; break down c) were driving ; broke down 10) He ____________(put on) his coat, ______________(grab) his schoolbag and ______(leave) for school. a) put on ; grab ; left b) put on ; grabbed ; left c) put on ; grabbed ; leave

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