If I ____ a tattoo, I____ a little butterfly. I ____ a tattoo if someone ____ to do it. If you ____ your head in winter, you ____ cold. My parents ____ if I ____ my hair orange. The headteacher ____ you home if you ____ your face red and white. If I ____ my tongue pierced, my parents ____ very angry. I ____ my parents if I ____ to have a tattoo. If I ____ my hair orange, I____ it in summer. If my friends ____ me to steal something, I ____ it. If I ____ a party, I____ all my friends. If people ____ more slowly, the roads ____ safer. Most people ____ healthier if they ____ more excercise. Life today ____ impossible if we ____ computers. If I ____ my head, my parents ____. I____ skiing every day if we ____ near some mountains. I ____ what to say if I ____ my favourite film star. If Mark ____ harder, he____ every race. You ____ so tired if you ____ to bed earlier. We____ you if we ____ time. If I ____ a lot of money I ____ a big house. If I ____ a ghost, I____ a photograph of it. If I ____ a sandwich on the floor, I ____ it. If he ____ to America, he ____ happy. If she ____ a band, she ____ the guitar. If they ____ the train, they ____ sad.

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