Where did you go for your last vacation?, What did you eat for breakfast?, What was the last thing you bought?, What did you do during the winter (easter) holiday?, What was the last sport you played?, What did you have for dinner yesterday?, What was the last movie you saw? Did you like it?, What was the last book you read?, Did you watch TV last weekend? If yes, what?, What was the last meal you cooked?, Did you meet with anybody this weekend?, What programs did you use to watch when you were a little kid?, What games did you play when you were a little kid?, What was your least favourite subject at school?, What subjects were the easiest for you?, Did you enjoy going to school?, What was the last present you received?, Did you visit someone lately?, Did you have coffee today?, Did you go to the cinema recently?, Did you sleep well last night? How many hours?, Did you speak English yesterday?, Were you tired this morning?, when was the last time you were sick?, Did you make lunch today?, Did you clean the house last weekend?, When was the last time you were abroad?, Did you go to the theater last month?, Did anything interesting happen today?, What was your favourite toy when you were little?, What did you do yesterday?, What happened when you first flew a plane?, Did you have a stressfull day in recent times?, When was the last time you built something?, With who did you spend a lot of time when you were little?, Did you break anything last week?, What is the last thing you gave to somebody?, How did you feel yesterday?, When was the last time you went shopping? to where?, Did you swim in the sea last year?.

questions past simple

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