1) Where's this?  a) Japan b) the Czech Republic c) Britain 2) What's this? a) Rio de Janiero b) Vienna c) London 3) What's the address? a) 221b Baker Street b) 3 Abbey Road  c) 10 Downing Street 4) Who is at this address? a) British Prime Minister b) British King c) King's dogs 5) How many rooms are there? a) 10 b) around 100 c) around 1000 6) What's the nickname of the house?  a) Number 10 b) Downy c) No nickname 7) Who is the King in Britain now? a) William I. b) Henry VIII. c) Charles III 8) What's the King's address? a) the Tower b) Buckingham Palace c) Big Ben 9) Whose home is at 221b Baker Street? a) Prime Minister's b) Sherlock Holmes' c) the Beatles' 10) Who is Sherlock Holmes? a) a doctor b) a teacher c) a detective 11) Who's Sherlock's assistant and friend? a) Doctor Watson b) Doctor Proctor c) Mr Proper 12) Is Sherlock Holmes real? a) Yes. b) No. 13) Who are they? a) the Bubbles b) the Battles c) the Beatles 14) What did they sing? a) b) c) 15) What's at 3 Abbey Road?  a) recording studio b) shopping centre c) hospital 16) This photo is on their ... a) wall b) album c) tatoos 17) Where were the Beatles from? a) London b) Manchester c) Liverpool

Project 1 Unit 2 Addresses

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