1) Julia ____________ (just make) pancakes. a) have just maked b) has just make c) has just made 2) I _______________ (finish) my homework. a) have finish b) have finished c) has finished 3) I _______________ (not work) today. a) haven't worked b) hasn't worked c) have worked 4) ________________________ (you/ever be) to Dublin? a) Have you ever been b) Has you ever been c) Were you ever 5) School ________________ (not start) yet. a) haven't started b) hasn't started c) didn't start 6) My parents ___________ (already see) that film. a) have already seen b) have already saw c) has already seen 7) Sarah _______________ (not go) home yet. a) didn't go b) hasn't went c) hasn't gone 8) I _____________ (live) here for 15 years. a) have lived b) has lived c) lived 9) I _______________ (never be) to Sydney. a) have never be b) have never been c) has never been 10) My sister ___________ (have) this teddy bear since 2005. a) had b) have had c) has had 11) _____________ (your brother/ever win) a medal for swimming? a) Has your brother ever winned b) Has your brother ever won c) Have your brother ever won 12) I _____________ (work) at this school since 2010. a) have worked b) has worked c) have work 13) We ____________ (not try) playing badminton yet. a) hasn't tried b) haven't tried c) haven't tryed 14) Emma __________ (lose) her wallet on her way to school. a) have lost b) has losed c) has lost 15) Jason's brothers _____________ (never eat) gyoza dumplings before. a) has never eaten b) have never ate c) have never eaten  16) ________ (you/read) The Vampire Diaries novels? a) Have you read b) Has you read c) Have you red

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