glasses - two pieces of glass or plastic in a frame that people wear over their eyes to help them see better, gloves - things that you wear to keep your hands warm or safe, hat - a thing that you wear on your head, sweater - a warm piece of clothing with long sleeves often made of wool, which you wear on the top of your body, socks - things that you wear on your feet, inside your shoes, skirt - a piece of clothing for woman/girl that hangs from the waist and covers part of the legs, slippers - light soft shoes that you wear in the house, trainers - soft shoes that you wear for doing sport or with informal clothes, coat - a piece of clothing that you wear over other clothes when you are outside, and it´s cold, pyjamas - a loose jacket and trousers that you wear in bed, scarf - a piece of material that you wear around your neck or head,

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