a pilot - He is flying in the air. He is driving the plane. , an aritst - She is making some pictures. She is drawing lanscapes, people, animals., a vet - He is a doctor who helps animals. He is wearing white clothes., a housewife - She is a woman who is carring of children at home., a doctor - He is very useful. He saves our lifes. He is wearing a white clothes., a dentist - We are scaring about his. He is a doctor. He is using a drill., a postman - He is walking every day. He brings us letters. , a shop assistant - She is working with money and people. She helps you to choose clothes., a soldier - He is very strong. He is fighting for us. He is wearing a green clothes., a sailor - He is sailing on the sea. He is fishing every day., a teacher - She is working with children She knows a lot of information., a cook - He is working in the kitchen. He is preparing some meal. , a secretary - She is sitting in an office. She is calling and speaking with people., a baker - She is working early in the morning. She is making rolls, breads, cakes., a dancer - She is working in the theatre. She is dancing by the music., a fireman - He is fighting with the fire. He saves our lifes., a policeman - He has a gun. He is driving a car. He saves us., a builder - He is building houses. He is planning new projects.,

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