1) Sarah ________ (do) her homework. a) are doing b) is doing c) are do 2) My mom ________ (cook) lunch. a) is cooking b) am cooking c) are cooking 3) They ________ (not watch) TV now. a) are not watch b) isn't watching c) aren't watching 4) My sister ________ (make) the bed in her room. a) am making b) is makeing c) are making d) is making 5) I ________ (shop) for new shoes. a) are shoping b) am shopping  c) is shopping d) am shoping 6) Is your teacher talking right now? a) Yes, teacher is. b) Yes, she isn't. c) Yes, she is. d) Yes, she am. 7) You ________ (not write) in your notebook.  a) are not writing b) aren't writeing c) are not write d) isn't writing 8) Are you eating your sandwich? a) No, you are. b) No, I'm not. c) Yes, she is. 9) We ________ (swim).  a) is swiming b) is swimming  c) are swimming d) are swiming 10) They ________ (lie) to us. a) are lying b) is lieing c) are lieing  d) are lie 11) ________ (you/enjoy) your meal? a) Is you enjoying b) Are you enjoy c) Are you enjoying 12) Jenny and I ________ (dance) to our favourite song. a) is dancing b) am dancing c) are danceing d) are dancing 13) Mr. Brown ________ (explain) grammar at the moment. a) is explainning b) is explaining c) is explain d) am explaining 14) My twin brothers ________ (not eat) their lunch. a) isn't eating  b) aren't eating c) aren't eatting d) is not eatting 15) Is your dad working right now? a) Yes, he is. b) No, he aren't. c) Yes, he isn't. d) Yes, dad is.

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