1) Tom was at the hospital yesterday. He was... a) happy b) sad c) thirsty 2) Anna was at the funfair yesterday. She was ... a) hungry b) tired c) happy 3) Max and Nik were at the museum. They were... a) bored b) scared c) late 4) Mary and her mom were at the cafe. They were... a) sad b) worried c) hungry 5) Harry was at the station. He was... a) thirsy b) scared c) late 6) Mom and dad were at the theatre.They were ... a) scared b) bored c) happy 7) I was at the library. I was... a) happy b) tired c) worried 8) My brother was at school. He was... a) worried b) thirsy c) scared 9) Jane was at the supermarket. She was... a) late b) thirsty c) worried

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