1) Someone is making noises in my class, I am distracted. a) Plug my ear flaps or use headphones b) yell, 'shut up!" c) tell the Principal d) refuse to work e) turn on your own music and play it loud 2) I don't understand the work my teacher just gave us. a) take a deep breath and ask for help b) put my head down and sleep c) burp d) burp again e) give up 3) Reggie is mad. His teacher just told him recess will be inside today. what coping tool is best? a) walk out of class b) get your coat on and go outside c) take a deep breath and find something fun today d) throw something e) burp the alphabet 4) You are tired a) put your head down and go to sleep b) refuse to do anything c) pretend to be sick d) ask for a break and go for a walk to wake yourself up e) put your jacket on and walk home. 5) It's the last day of school, you feel sad and happy - School is out for summer! a) burp goodbye to all your friends b) tell your teacher you are not going to 5th grade c) quit paying attention to the teacher because it's the last day d) refuse to do anything because it's the last day e) Take deep breaths, say good bye to your friends and teachers and follow directions.


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