What did you use to do at the weekends when you were growing up?, What do you usually do at the weekends?, Is it difficult to get used to thinking in English? Why? why not?, Where do you usually hang out at the weekends?, How did people use to communicate before internet? Give some examples, What do you usually do on a weekday? Tell about your routine., Did your parents use to give your presents for Christmas?, Are you used to buying presents for your friends on their birthdays?, Did you use to play an instrument in school? Which one? Did you like to?, Are you used to getting up early on weekdays? What time do you usually wake up?, Did you use to read books when you were a child? Do you usually read books now? , Do you usually throw away or give away clothes or items you no longer use? Explain., Are you used to checking your Facebook or Instagram account? , Do you usually watch or play sports? if so, explain which ones., How did you use to travel 10 years ago? Explain if it's changed or not., What things you used to do 10 years ago would you like to do again? why?  .

CAE1/Unit1/Used to, usually, get used to and be used to/MP


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