Needle Plate  - The metal part located under the presser foot. , Tension Control - Tension discs pinch the thread as it moves through the machine., Take Up Lever  - A metal finger with a thread guide that moves up and down., Presser Foot - Holds the fabric in place., Reverse Button - A button that allows the machine to stitch backwards., Needle Clamp - Holds the needle in place. , Power Switch - A switch to turn the machine on and off. , Feed Dog - This regulates the stitch length as it feeds the fabric through the machine., Bobbin  - Spool that holds the bottom thread inside the machine., Thread Guides - May be hoops, discs, or flat metal shapes that pinch or direct the thread to feed through the machine., Bobbin Winder  - This holds the bobbin while the thread is being wound., Needle - Feeds and pushes the thread through the fabric., Spool Pins - Keeps the spool in place while the thread feeds through the machine., Foot Control - Foot control regulates the machine speed., Bobbin Case - Plate that holds the bobbin., Handwheel - Turn this wheel to adjust needle height.,




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