1) Applying for a job online doesn't take a lot of time, and you can complete it quickly. a) True b) False 2) Which of the following is NOT required information on an application? a) Your name b) Social Security number (SSN) c) Past work, school, or volunteer experiences d) Your TikTok username 3) Who can you ask for your Social Security number (SSN) if you don't know it? a) Pre-ETS instructors b) My teachers c) My parents/guardians 4) It's okay to use a silly email address like MaxSuperCoolSkiDude800@yahoo.com on my application. a) True b) False 5) What are some examples of things you can put as past work, school, or volunteer activities? a) School store b) Special Olympics c) Babysitting or pet sitting d) Market Basket e) History class 6) It doesn't matter who you put down as a reference. They don't check them, anyway. a) True b) False 7) Just like in school, spelling, grammar and punctuation matter on a job application. a) True b) False 8) As of January 1st, the minimum wage in Massachusetts is: a) $11.50/hour b) $13.50/hour c) $14.25/hour 9) If you are under 18 and the application says you need a work permit, where can you get one? a) From Pre-ETS staff b) Your school c) Your City/Town Hall 10) If I want to work 15 hours a week, I need to check off "full time." a) True b) False 11) What should I put in the "date available" section on a job application? a) The first day I would be ready b) Today's date c) A date a few months away 12) I have to disclose that I have a disability if the application asks. a) True b) False 13) Because I have a disability, I need to answer the question: "Can you perform the job’s duties with or without reasonable accommodations?" with no. a) True b) False


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