UP: Marcio LOOKS * to his older brother and tries to copy him in every possible way., Janet is upset because she and her boyfriend have BROKEN *., I can't hear the radio. Could you TURN it *?, He failed the driving test several times and finally GAVE * trying to pass it., Something's COME *, so I won't be able to come to your party., I don't believe this story. I think you're MAKING it *., He's been ill for so long it will be hard to CATCH * with his class., He SET * his own business when he was in his mid-twenties., She fell out with her best friend, but fortunately they MADE * the next day., The problem was difficult, but together we CAME * with a solution., Many old people criticize the way younger ones BRING * their children., She's very childish in her behaviour! When will she GROW *?, Their house is old, but they have no money to DO it *., Several uninvited guests SHOWED * at my party., DOWN: He's not as able as the others, so they LOOK * on him., We were very upset when our car BROKE * in the middle of the highway., He made us an offer we couldn't TURN *., I know she's disappointed with me. I'm so sorry I LET her *., I've COME * with a cold, so I won't be able to come to your party., You should CUT * on the amount of junk food you're eating!,


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