coastal - situated close to the sea or ocean , overpopulated - populated by too many people, magnificent - beautiful and majestic, quaint - old-fashioned in a nice way, modern - full of contemporary architecture, dazzling - attractive and exciting, impressive - worthy of admiration or respect , compact - where everything is within easy reach, bustling - full of busy activity, congested - too crowded or blocked, picturesque - beautiful like a painting, spacious - not cramped, polluted - dirty, touristy - attractive to visitors, lively - dynamic, cosmopolitan - inhabited by many nations, sprawling - covered with buildings across a large area, run-down - in bad condition, hectic - full of too much fast-paced activity, tranquil; serene - quiet and peaceful, prosperous - rich and successful, ill-preserved - poorly maintained, remote - far-off, virgin - unspoilt,


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